High quality paper straws made in Europe, eco-friendly and compostable.

High quality paper straws made in Europe, eco-friendly and compostable.


Black System is a European manufacturer of high-quality paper straws. It is one of the first companies to actually produce in Europe, and not just import from Asia or America. Created in 2019, Black System is gradually opening up factories all over Europe: Slovakia, Serbia, France, and early 2020: Germany, Austria, Bulgariaand Spain. Its business structure is an Interest Group: Black System Europe provides Management, Sales, IT and Marketing for all Black System local factories producing the straws all over Europe. Black System supplies hotels, bars, restaurants and catering companies with high-quality, environment-friendly, locally produced paper straws.

What makes Black System unique?

Responsibility to our environment

Co-founders Bernhard Brandstätter and Frank Scheunemann and their team, come from the food packaging and paper industries. They are expert industrials, who are familiar with the issue of food packaging and the impact of carbon footprint on manufacturing and transport. Along with very high hygiene standards, local production guarantees low CO2 footprint and provides local employment.

High quality products

What really counts in the paper straw businessis the quality of the 3 main ingredients:

– Paper: must be liquid resistant enough andstored in cardboard packages (lower storagetime than plastic)

– Glue: must be food compliant and not need too much drying time- Ink (to mark packages or straws): must be food compliant

These 3 ingredients go into your mouth !They need to be safety certified and compostable.


A Unique business model

The European Interest Group ensuresflexibility in delivery, product traceability and high quality. They have a network of suppliers (paper, glue) so that there is never a break in supply. Black System’s social policy is deliberately human: smallfactories, many local job opportunities,local training and sales material in the country’s language.

Low prices

Quality does not always mean expensive! Buying local will guarantee fair prices. Moreover, via their fixed prices policy throughout the different European factories, delivery will always be guaranteed, at a fixed price.


Black System has put together a paper straw that is 100% made in Europe, economic, environment-friendly, respectsall food and packaging standards, and is just rigid enough to stand 45 minutes in a glass of soda without falling apart!