An innovative polinator tube for osmia – resistant & better profitability

An innovative polinator tube for osmia – resistant & better profitability

Black System is increasing production of pollinators by around 50 % with its newly developed homes. The osmies, our pollinating friends, will adopt the new extra-thin paper tubes made of a barrier for optimal bee protection. 

Black System launches an innovative product in the agricultural world: pollinator tubes specially designed for osmies, wild bees, solitary bees and mason bees known for their high efficiency in the pollination of fruit trees. 

How does osmiculture work? 

Osmies are solitary bees that are not aggressive to people and pets, due to their way of life as they do not have a hive to defend. Black System’s agritubes are specially designed for osmies, they function as bee houses. From March to August, the osmies will lay eggs in the tubes and will protect the nest with mud or chewed leaf. The larvae develop during the autumn and the cocoons are collected and opened by the beekeeper to be cleaned, selected and checked on their health conditions. The cocoons will be stored in cold atmosphere until needed for the blooming season of the fruit trees and strawberries. This egg-laying cycle starts again and again. 

What is new in theses tubes? 

Compared with the classical paper tube, Black System’s solution has thinner walls and therefore a 40 to 60 % higher yield per m3.   

These famous agritubes are formed by only about approx. 0.3 mm thick walls and integrate on the outside a protective barrier layer made of thin metal, in this case aluminium, well known for its inertness and therefore without risk of health to the osmia, profiting from the natural paper inside. The four layers provide a good compromise between solidity to piercing by predatory insects on the one hand and on the other hand easy opening of the tubes to extract the cocoons  

A perfect hotel for the development of osmias as well as optimal control for the harvester of the osmias.    

Who are we? 

The Versailles startup paper straw manufacturer Black System is committed to offering its customers products that are environmentally friendly and produced locally in France, Austria and in Slovakia.  

You want to learn more?  

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