The very first compostable straw developed for the hospital environment.

The very first compostable straw developed for the hospital environment.

Black System launches straww for the care services, the straw respectful to nature and specially formulated for the hospital environment. The straws are heat resistant up to 70°C and can be folded like plastic straws to allow patients to drink. 

This straw is made from the thermoplastic material Liquidwood, obtained from lignin, a by-product of paper production, and cellulose. Cellulose wood fibres come from controlled European reforestation and 50 million tonnes of Liquidwood are produced worldwide every year. 

Liquidwood is a biopolymer of lignin and cellulose, invented by the Fraunhofer Institute.  

– Lignin = by-product of the paper industry 

– Cellulose = wood fibres from controlled European reforestation (beech and spruce), flax, hemp, sisal… 

The product is of organic origin and compostable in a domestic environment, as required by the Europeen environnemental laws. 

With our straw you get 

  • a 100% natural drinking straw 
  • a drinking straw degradable in seawater, 
  • a compostable straw in accordance with French regulations, which are more demanding than the European standard 
  • a straw certified in compliance with the EU food regulation  
  • a straw tested for migration (Global Migration Test, Chemical Control Eurofins) 
  • an ethical straw (no maize, no food) 
  • a drinking straw 100 % PLA-free, mineral oil-free, microplastic-free 
  • a “Made in EU” drinking straw  
  • a drinking straw with low CO² emissions 
  • permitting a consumption with a “good conscience” 
  • a raw material in constant regeneration 
  • a product whose raw material must not be cultivated (no overexploitation, as it is a by-product of paper production) 
  • a heat-resistant straw (up to 70°C) 

Even if the straw is compostable, we recommend correct disposal and under no circumstances in nature. 

  • Composting (domestic) 
  • Recycling 
  • Incineration 

About us 

Black System, a Versailles startup specializing in the manufacturing of compostable paper straw, is committed to offering its customers environmentally friendly products, made locally in France, Austria and Slovakia. 

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